Welcome to Alabastra botanics, a melting pot of aromatic and medicinal plants from the botanical kingdom where old herbal wisdom is weaved together with new olfaction knowledge to heighten our senses, cultivate our serenity and support our life force.

The finest extracts derived from flowers, herbs and trees are alchemically blended and artfully prepared in small batches as curative goodness for beauty and radiant wellness alike. 


The nectar of vital herbs and aromatic florals have a realness and strength capable of making us feel more alive and vibrant. By inhaling natural aroma we stimulate our sense of smell which can assist in healing and deep pleasure. Fragrance impact our mind as scent works as a psychological messenger that affects our mood and feelings.

Plants are the basis of all life on this planet. We humans have evolved through and with them and they are an integral part of our inner and outer landscapes. Plants are also the origin of medicine and can assist the body in returning to a state of natural homeostasis and support our overall health both physically and mentally.

Ingredients from organic and wild growing plant material utilised in Alabastra’s high class therapeutic potions are sourced from all corners of the world. Depending on variables such as seasonal harvest and availability, Alabastra’s collection may be subject to adjustment and change and all final products should therefore be considered ‘limited edition’. It is a living, organic and creative process all the way from sprouting seed and budding blossom to lovingly created panacea filled in bottle.
Each concoction is preserved in dark violet coloured glassware for optimal protection.

Please have a look in the Boutique for assortment. 

“Your body is precious. It is your vehicle for awakening.Treat it with care.” 

                                                                                        – Buddha