Oil based perfumes – fluid balms for the senses


Scent is one of the most immediate and evocative sensations we have, and flowers and other plant material have the most delightful and rich fragrance of all. The liquid and volatile compounds that naturally occur in plants, can both be healing and immensely enjoyable and are responsible for the long history of human use of aromatic plants. Flowers have always been associated with emotions and can help us open our hearts to the love around us.

Natural aroma in the form of an oil based perfume is more than a spray bottle with alcohol and synthetic molecules. Alluring botanical oil liquid fragrances are anointing ‘skin scents’ that naturally blend with the body chemistry of the wearer, creating unique and personalised scented auras. Being an aromatic medicine, the oil metabolises into the skin and becomes part of the user, and the fragrance deepens with the body temperature of the wearer. The oil keeps the fragrance close to the skin which allows for a subtle and intimate projection, as suppose to creating a long trail of overbearing scent-chemicals behind. 

Conventional perfumes and colognes are artificially produced substitutes of what true nature has to offer, and they do not have healing abilities. Instead they are loaded with synthetic chemicals that have been linked to toxicity, allergies and some serious illnesses. 
A natural fragrance oil is more concentrated brimming with botanical goodness, without fillers, harmful synthetic substances and does not contain dehydrating chemicals. It is also less likely to cause allergic reactions due to the natural ingredients. 

A natural fragrance has the ability to enhance a sense of wellbeing and positive mental state, not simply making us smell nice, as the oils derived from plant matter have a direct and profane effect on the deepest levels of the body and psyche. The plant liquids stimulate the nerves in the olfactory organs, which are directly linked to parts of the brain that control our emotions. They also stimulate nerve endings under the skin surface. This stimulation travels along the body’s nerve path until it reaches the pituitary gland. This small gland in the brain play a major role in regulating vital body functions and general wellbeing. Amongst the many other glands this ‘master gland’ controls is the adrenal gland, which adjusts the body’s stress and relaxation responses. 

Our aromatic oil perfumes are made from pure, natural and sublime botanicals and essences in small batches, blended and bottled by hand. They are housed in beautiful UV light protecting violet glass bottles with a small pump, or roll-on flacons made to be swiped over plus points and desired areas throughout the day. 

Natural perfume in the making.

Making perfumes is a complex, long and slow process. Once the acquired aroma on every level is achieved, the fragrance has to sit and steep for months, until it is mature and ready. But this does not mean that is then a static entity. When it is worn, unlike synthetically manufactured linear perfumes, a natural perfume evolves over time, starting off one place and eventually ending up someplace else. Like waves on the water, it moves and changes, with one aroma note floating onto the next.
– It is a journey for the spirit and feast for the nose, as we all have unique physiological and psychological responses to real and true natural scents.

“Just like men, perfume is never perfect right away, you have to let it seduce you.”

– Jean Patou 

John William Waterhouse, 
Gather Ye Rosebuds While Ye May, 1908