Return and Retune 

Using plants for remedies, cosmetics as well as for fragrances has been a part of mankind for as long as we can ‘remember’.
In earlier days most preparations were created from naturally grown and locally available ingredients. A wild plants was then a reflection and product of it’s surroundings where the terrain – the soil type, altitude and weather were determining factors of the particular plant’s development and growth. The lack of artificial growing conditions and use of chemical fertilisers, herbicides, fungicides and pesticides allowed the plant to grow the natural way, fighting and becoming strong on it’s own terms – being it’s pure and essential self in it’s own earthy and unrefined environment and habitat.

Naturally wild, healthy and vital!

Over the course of time, these kinds of plants have been used to empower, to heal, as well as aesthetically beautifying the devotee and benefiter.
The ancient Egyptians considered a plant based body oil a basic necessity and produced more than thirty different varieties of the kind. Herbs and flowers were added to make sweet and seductive scents and we know that Cleopatra bathed in fragrant milk, rose and honey baths. The Romans made creams and lotions out of olive oil, rose, fennel and hawthorn amongst other things. And the first traces of perfumes goes back more than 4000 years to Mesopotamia, where Arabs made alluring fragrances from Agarwood, Frankincense and Saffron. 

But for a long time now in our modern day culture, we as consumers have been subjected to an onslaught of unnatural ingredients in our personal care products offered to us.

In everything from toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, perfume, lotion and creams there are often ‘invisible’ components hiding inside that not only can be unhealthy but downright harmful to both our bodies and the environment around us. Hormone disrupting chemicals such as parabens, phthalates and synthetic colours and artificial fragrance have commonly bathed in our beauty and toilet articles for too long.
And we no longer want them. Nor do we need them!.

Alabastra botanics is all about addressing this issue and coming up with a healthy and gratifying alternative to aid and support our bodies and please our senses.
The personal care products offered are having a true, honest base in Nature, created with care and attention.


The vegetation around us is a reservoir of pure life energy which we consciously can use in a sustainable and caring manner to support our immune systems and to empower, cleanse and ground us.
This earthly energy also has the capacity to permeate us with purifying awe, meaning and connection – seeping into our souls allowing emotional and spiritual relief from the stressors of everyday life.
Plant therapy can influence our organisms positively in various ways and on different levels, both psychologically and physiologically. There are components like molecules and ligands of healthy, vibrant organic or wild sourced plant extracts diffusing and binding with receptors in the body, distributing information on the cellular level, communicating with the immune and nervous systems as well as interacting and touching the energetic plane via the vibrational notes they carry. And certain natural aromas from flowers and other herbs can even lift our moods by influencing the production of endorphins, the ‘feel good’ chemicals produced by the brain. 

At the heart of Alabastra botanics we are taking nature seriously and diving into her garden of honest healing and beauty abundance.

And we hope you will join us in this avenue towards an adoption of a more healthy living on this planet, where purity, sustainability and nature herself stand in the forefront.
Steering far off and away from synthetics, artificial preservatives, toxic chemicals and other harmful substances we go as far as we can within the line of absolute pureness, incorporating organic, biodynamic and wild harvested plant materials and premium quality oils known for their therapeutic effectiveness into our beneficial concoctions.
This approach is not only profitable for our own human bodies, but in the end also for our surroundings. Our habitat is suffering from disruptive waste entering the ecosystem from pharmaceuticals, chemicals and other detrimental ingredients like functional artificial fragrance resisting biodegradiation that unfortunately also often can be present in personal-care products and cosmetics – all having environmental impact. The ultimate effect of this on human and animal health and the planet’s wellbeing is still not known.

Instead, let us be guided to follow the intimate flow of nature and tap into the vitality and healing, nurturing nectar of pure botanical wilderness and ‘walk lightly on the land’ as our ancestors taught.

For the creation of Alabastra botanics’ Eathbeauties, we carefully select the best and purest raw materials we can get our hands on. We pick, collect and infuse wild herbs the old traditional slow way in natural sunlight and use what we can from the wild nature where and when it is appropriate.
We are also strictly using cold pressed oils and other materials from genuine, sustainable and reliable eco friendly sources, as we will only incorporate botanicals and phytonutrients of the highest quality for their effectiveness and purity. We want our ointments and remedies to be as authentic as possible and to reflect the original plant in the very best manner – Fresh, vibrant and vital, giving off the plant’s beauty and healing power. 

As soon as herbs and flowers are gathered for the production of potions, the plants must be used immediately or preserved properly. If they are exposed to strong sunlight after collecting for example, the acceleration of the molecular decaying process starts, something that drastically will reduce the energy of the plant.
Going back to civilisations of old and the ancient Egyptians, we know that they were sophisticated and understood that the absence of light was crucial to preserve their precious, vital plant essences, and the actually manufactured gold and violet glass for this purpose. Built on this ancient knowledge, biothonic glass (from Greek meaning ‘light life’) also known as Miron glass is today being produced. This is a sophisticated and high quality glassware that only allows violet, ultraviolet and infrared light into the shaped bottle or jar. This special combination offers optimal protection against the ageing process being released by visible light, thus protecting and maintaining the quality of premium and sensitive substances within a closed container. 
This almost opaque dark glass is what Alabastra botanics’ carefully dried herbs, raw materials and finished products are stored in. This preserves and guards our precious oils, balms and ointments in an optimal manner, very different than any other coloured glass or conventional packaging could ever do. 

Using the very genuine marvel belonging to nature, Alabastra botanics makes harmoniously balanced compositions as protection, aid and alignment for radiant wellness.
Our tiny artisan batches of  Earthbeauties are prepared with love, care and benevolence.  

          “Never does nature say one thing and wisdom another.”                                                                           – Decimus Junius Juvenalis, Roman poet from the 1st AD