Botanical perfume pomades
made by pure plant extracts


The magical and alluring world of perfume has a long history in its wake and beautiful aromas from woods, herbs and flowers have been used for healing as far back in time we can trace. Spanning centuries and cultures, blossoming plants have been a symbol of courtship and love, and extractions of fragrant flowers have been made and worn as personal beautification and for empowerment and attraction.
The word perfume, literary coming from the Latin to ‘smoke through’, reflects the earliest use of scent when sacrifices were made to the gods by burning aromatic woods and resins on altars and in temples.
In earlier days, fragrant concoctions were developed by priests/alchemists with therapeutic and spiritual intent in mind using natural botanicals. And before synthetic perfumes entered the scene in the 20th century (and perfumery shifted from an artisan practice to big business and mass production), a perfume always possessed curative properties due to the natural flowers and plants used in the composition.

The earliest type of perfume that humans wore for medicinal purposes and bodily adornment were solid perfumes made by crushed botanical extracts steeped into oils and wax.
In the tradition of this old healing art, Alabastra botanics is composing natural Créme Parfumes that will adorn your whole being. 

Our fragrant semi soft balms are unsullied and pure, free from harmful and undesired synthetic chemical components and are made by unique combinations of exquisite florals, woods, resins and herbs – all natural with compelling and complex original aromatic notes. 

Like a winemaker, an artisan natural perfumer works with variable ingredients that make his perfume unique and one of a kind. And the perfume made from natural ingredients ends up being very different than mass produced perfumes that contain very little or no natural extracts at all, but synthetic aroma chemicals often derived from petrochemicals. A natural perfume has by nature less longevity than a mainstream perfume since the nature of fragrant essences are volatile and they evaporate in the presence of oxygen. And simply; natural compounds break down more quickly than synthetic aroma molecules. But there is a whole other experience awaiting you – as choosing a natural aromatic Créme Parfum as your personal scent is a delicate and more intricate way of using perfume. It is gentler, far more complex and with a more intriguing personality. A natural perfume pomade works more like a beautiful ‘skin enhancer’ as it fuses with the wearer’s own skin and not destroying its natural odour, but harmonising and flattering it. The natural fragrance is staying close to the skin in an intimate and sensual way and it has a powerful effect on your senses. A natural fragrance has the ability to enhance a sense of wellbeing and positive mental state, not simply making us smell nice, as the oils derived from plant matter have a direct and profane effect on the deepest levels of the body and psyche.  


Our Créme Parfumes wear close to the skin and quickly conform to the body and blend with the wearer’s own personal aroma and never overwhelm the user or the people around. (!) When the aromatic pomade comes in contact with the skin and warms with the heat of the body, the fragrance comes alive.

Our Créme Parfums are intricate, nourishing, small but powerful precious little gems, being tactile and olfactory pleasing all at once. 


You will find the various Créme Parfumes at the top of this page, and choose whichever suits your mood, personality, direction or desire the best. 

“A perfume is always a medicine”

Chinese proverb

Chinese glass enamel bottle, 1767-1860
-Philadelphia Museum of Art