An aromatic blessing for your delicate armpits

The beauty of Natural Deodorant

Using a deodorant on a regular basis is something most of us are aquatinted with. And it is also one of those habitual products that people don’t usually think much about.
But what we may not be aware of is what a deodorant actually is, or rather what it normally consists of. 

Conventional deodorants contain a variety of chemicals and additives. Many deodorants and antiperspirants on the market also include forms of aluminium, which inhibits perspiration by blocking the sweat glands. The problem with the use of aluminium is that it can pose serious health risks, like Alzheimer’s and breast cancer. Once in our bodies, toxins cause damage at the cellular level by initiating oxidative stress. Aluminium salts also have the ability to bind to hormone receptors and interfere with our hormone balance. A particular study has found that aluminium compounds “change the way breast cells divide, even at low concentrations.” * 
Unfortunately aluminium toxicity seems to be more common than we think, since this toxic metal is in many of the things we encounter daily and gets into our bodies in various ways. When aluminium enters the body it is absorbed and can accumulate in the kidneys, brain, lungs, liver, thyroid and breast tissue. The breasts and underarms are directly linked by the skin and lymphatic system and studies have found aluminium in breast tissue of women who have had mastectomies. ** So to avoid deodorants and antiperspirants containing aluminium and other harmful substances is a very good thing to do for yourself. 

To sweat is natural and healthy. It is the body’s built in mechanism for keeping our core temperature regulated, and sweating is also one of the best ways to remove toxins from our bodies. So to physically prevent a natural bodily function from occurring might not be that good idea after all. Our problem may not necessarily be the sweat in and of itself, often it has more to do with the odour that develops. And what causes the unpleasant smell is bacteria build up in our armpits. Alabastra botanics’ natural deodorant employs botanicals that have natural antibacterial properties – as well as lovely natural aroma of course that blends and harmonises with ones own aroma.                                                                           

To switch from a chemical deodorant to a clean natural formula can involve a transition period where the body expels toxins and adjusts to not being blocked up. Even if this may be a little inconvenient, remember it is a good thing for your body.                             Things you might experience could be increased sweat, as your sweat glands are freed of chemicals and may release moisture, odour due to flushing of the system or sensitivity as undesired materials are being filtered out by the body.
This unclogging period may or may not happen depending on your body chemistry. And it could last from a few days to a couple of weeks before your body starts to function properly.
Keep the area under you arms as clean as possible and wash daily, perhaps even more often than once during this detox period. And make sure to apply the natural deodorant a couple of times a day. This you can diminish as your body resets.



Directions of use;
With dry clean hands, place the tip of a finger in the jar and remove a small amount of the soft deodorant balm and gently rub onto clean armpits. 


This creme deodorant is made out of aromatic as well as plant based oils and beeswax only and is without any unnatural stabiliser or preservatives. It is even without bicarbonate that can have a tendency to irritate sensitive skin. Best if stored away from high heat and direct sunlight and preferably use within six to eight months after opening. 


*Aluminium  chloride promotes tumorigenesis and metastasis in normal murine mammary gland epithelial cells.
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