The perfume Tara Alba, which name literally can be translated to ‘white star’ was first inspired by the concept of the Tibetan buddhist deity White Tara.
Being protective like a mother with unlimited kindness and compassion – her function is believed to promote long life, peace, prosperity and good health. Being able to see through the dualistic world into the unity of the ultimate reality, she can help free us from entanglement and obstacles of the mind and body. It is said that if we recite her mantra and make connection with her, we draw closer to developing her enlightened qualities in ourselves. And from this idea and image, our Tara Alba was born – A white goddess of love with her full open lotus. 

Since antiquity, flower symbolism has been a significant part of cultures around the world. It first started with ancient religions, when nature was viewed as a reflection of the divine, and many flowers were originally linked to deities. For our Tara Alba Créme Parfum, we have arranged a harmony of various symbolic, precious and sacred flowers and woods into an aromatic sweet poem to accent in physical form the spiritual and serene qualities of this peaceful and compassionate Tibetan Buddhist goddess.           Sweet, exotic and transcendental, Tara Alba is a most exquisite perfume to be worn and adorned – like pure love in scent form.

Embrace yourself with Tara Alba as a natural fragrance to grace body, mind and spirit and to bring about tranquility and relaxation. 
And enjoy her presence while practicing yoga, doing meditation or other contemplative disciplines and activities.



Exclusive and transformative Pink Lotus, said to be the purest form of spiritual love, is incorporated in Tara Alba’s perfume pomade. The lotus flower has historically been connected with the concepts of spirituality and relaxation and it is a sacred flower that has been revered by peoples of ancient cultures around the world for thousands of years. It signifies purity, eternity and divinity. The many petals of the flower represent the unfolding of the human consciousness and it is associated with spiritual awakening and enlightenment. The flower has a very beautiful, unique and mysterious scent and the soothing, calming properties of the plant is thought to encourage the body to breathe more deeply.

The rare, exquisite flowery and sweetly honeyed White Ginger Lily installs a sense of vitality and life force. Energetically the scent of this precious flower has the capacity to relieve sadness and depression. As the Lotus flower, it is also associated with the 7th chakra – higher information, meditative states, source energy and unconditional love.

White Magnolia Flower is a unique blossom that harbours many wonderful health benefits. The gorgeously blooming magnolia tree possesses calming and anti-anxiety affects, and the bark, leaves and flowers are all being used for medicinal purposes. As a woman’s herb, it can be used to balance symptoms of hormonal challenges. The oil of the magnolia flower is also a powerful heart tonic. Energetically it opens the energy flow in the heart and pericardium and balances the heart meridian.
In traditional Chinese medicine, Magnolia flowers have been used to move Chi throughout the body. In some cultures it is used as an offering in temples, it’s beautiful aroma and essence filling the sacred spaces.

Neroli and pure Orange flower oil, distilled from the fresh white flowers of the bitter orange tree, are known to be beneficial to the nervous system. The sweet floral aroma with subtle nuances of orange and citrus can do wonders to lift emotions as they are extremely calming – brushing away gloomy feelings and melancholy.

The premium quality of rare and luxurious Sandalwood from India has an exquisite soft aroma that is emotionally soothing and quieting and is beneficial for combating stress, anxiety and depression. It is an aphrodisiac that is also revered in meditation and spiritual blends.

Both indigenous cultures and modern minds swear to the sacred nature of the mysterious Agarwood tree, also known as Oud in the Middle eastern world. This very rare and special oil made from the heartwood of the tree is one of the oldest materials used in perfume and it is also reputed to be the most expensive essential oil in the world today. Not only that, but it is also believed by some to be the most powerful aphrodisiac on earth. It has a mysterious, deep, woody and sweet fragrance that has been revered since ancient times, when wisdom of the profound unity of the bodily, spiritual, and experiential dimensions of mankind was taught. Agarwood is reputed to calm the nervous system and having the ability to cultivate focus and alertness when used. It is said that this very special wood oil helps to improve clarity of mind, open the third eye and all the upper chakras meanwhile calming the entire spiritual system.
Buddha was to have said that the incense of Agarwood is the scent of Nirvana!
Tibetan monks, Sufis and Japanese Shamans have all used Oud in ceremonies and esoteric rites, and it has been hailed for centuries for its superlative healing powers and soothing fragrance.  

“Angels are attached to Oud smoke, and prayers rise with the scented smoke of its incense and carry the prayer to the Creator.”





Let yourself be draped in Tara Alba’s tender healing embrace of warm and sweet seductive scent – in the image of generosity and unconditional love offered by the well loved buddhist deity.


White Tara’s mantra in Tibetan.

‘Om Tare Tuttare Ture Mama Ayuh Punya Jnana Pushtim Kuru Svaha’      

Directions of use;

Gently rub a little Créme Parfum onto the pulse points of your wrists and neck and perhaps to the skin on the upper chest and let it penetrate your spirit.
Or “Anywhere where one hopes to be kissed” as Coco Chanel famously said.
(Although be aware that our perfume balm is not made as a lip balm or for particularly sensitive skin membranes.)

Allow the fragrance from the richness of the plant kingdom to soothe and seduce your senses and to take you beyond modern life chaos to a world away – on a meditative journey to reconnect yourself. Keep your favourite Créme Parfum jar close at hand and open to inhale anytime you need to absent yourself from the hectic buzz and seek some inspired comfort and scented interlude.

Use the perfume pomade as a form of self expression – as a natural perfume will melt with your own body scent to create a special bouquet fragrance uniquely yours.
Unlike synthetics that cover the skin smelling the same on everyone (and often emitting an irritating odour of chemicals), a natural botanical perfume is food for your body. The natural and beautifully fragrant botanical oils enter the skin and become a part of your very own body’s fragrant aura.

Apply and reapply whenever needed and desired.