A rich and sublime nectar
of precious petals and fruit of the rose.

Nature is the best cosmetic one can apply to the skin, and the blooming, fragrant Rose is a secret beauty weapon with serious skincare benefits. The virtues of the oil-bearing rose are many and an assortment of various rose species are used in Alabastra’s Wild Rose Serum, as each kind has its own healing potential. Extractions from the fruit and petals of this ever beautiful flower help restore suppleness to the skin, as well as hydrate, calm and soothe, protect, brighten, smooth wrinkles and slow signs of ageing. Wild Rose Serum is high in essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals that bring nutrition, emollience, and softness to the skin.

The exquisite Wild Rose Serum works as a great protector against environmental damage. Containing sun harmonising botanicals it can help fade hyperpigmentation, prevent abnormal cell growth, and reverse the damage during and after sun exposure.
Naturally golden in colour, it is packed with antioxidants not only from Roses, but also from the fruits of red Raspberry, Pomegranate, Cranberry and Sea Buckthorn which all provide powerful protection against free radicals and UV damage by naturally filtering out some of the harmful rays, thus reducing the risk of premature ageing as well as helping prevent sunburn.

Millennia ago, the fragrant and healing Rose was already part of the beauty regime in ancient Persia where it was used for skin and wound care, as well as perfume. The luxurious and versatile effects of the rose is antibacterial and anti inflammatory and it is padded with vitamin C and A and other valuable vitamins. It work wonders for stressed and sensitive skin as it gently supports the healing process of the epidermis meanwhile providing firmness, radiance, even skin tone and a dewy glow.

Gently dab a few drops of Wild Rose Serum to clean face and neck as often as needed and desired.

By spraying the skin with a hydrosol/hydrolat of choice before application, your face will be moist which in return allows the serum to penetrate even more deeply into the surface of the skin.
Wear alone, or add a couple of drops of the serum to your favourite moisturiser if you choose.
It is also excellent applied as an eye serum treatment, as the extract of Rosehips seeds (all-trans retinoic acid, a natural ‘retinol’ without the irritation) is especially good for smoothing out the fine lines and ‘crow’s feet’ around the delicate eye area.


“The fragrance of Rose is known to enhance the truth, beauty and goodness of anyone fortunate enough to use the oil or smell the flower.

                                        – Elizabeth Anne Jones, ‘Awaken to healing fragrance’