The sacred one

Holy woods, sacred flowers and green herbs have given their character and sparkle to this spirit infused aromatic blend.
Over millions of years woods and resins have been used in ceremonies and rituals as holy incense and fragrance opening the gateway to the higher heavens and to the human soul.
Humanity in forms of indigenous peoples, priest, priestesses, shamans and healers have understood the meanings of these healing medicines and used them for sacrificial purposes, purification and anointment. Wood fumigation ceremonies have also been used as a purificatory device to ‘clean the outside and inside of our bodies’.


In Chinese medicine theory, a philosophy used to describe the interactions and relationships between things, the wood element, 木, can be seen as a tree growing out from the earth that gives structure and shape to nature without letting anything hold it back as it drives forward. It is an emblem, or a phase, with the association of the active functions that are in a growing stage – strength, flexibility, direction and expansion. Wood heralds the beginning of life, springtime and sprouting new growth, hope, optimism, sensuality and abundance.

The beautiful earthy, mystical and enticing fragrance of wood as well as the historical and sacred rituals are the underlying inspiration for this créme parfum, made with the idea to be used and adorned in times of meditation, yoga, prayer, spiritual practice or during a shiatsu/acupressure treatment – or simply to be worn as a lovely, exquisitely earthy fragrance for it’s grounding and centering properties. 

As a truly heart-based composition of both masculine and feminine substances and energies, it is suitable to be worn by both sexes.

Directions of use:

Apply a little of our precious Lasacra perfume pomade to the pulse points of your wrists, the neck behind the ears and for special spiritual practices to your forehead around the center of the third eye between the brows. Also try placing a little between your fingers and very lightly rub hands together and bring up to your face to inhale. (Not too vigorish and hard as this may brake the delicate scent molecules.)
You may also wish to use a tiny bit on your chest, as a soothing and strengthening ‘heart warrior’ balm.  
It is made as a Créme Parfum, ergo it is very concentrated and potent, so go easy – a little balm goes a very long way.
The pomade’s precious aroma, focus and qualities lie particularly in aiding support for reflection and other spiritual practices in an attempt to calm the mind and the body, deepening the breath as well as focusing our thoughts and softening the heart.

Allow the fragrance from the richness of the plant kingdom to soothe and seduce your senses and to take you beyond modern life chaos to a world away – on a meditative journey to reconnect yourself. Keep your favourite Créme Parfum jar close at hand and open to inhale anytime you need to absent yourself from the hectic buzz and seek some inspired comfort and scented interlude.

Use the perfume pomade as a form of self expression – as a natural perfume will melt with your own body scent to create a special bouquet fragrance uniquely yours.
Unlike synthetics that covers the skin smelling the same on everyone (and often emitting an irritating odour of chemicals), a natural botanical perfume is food for your body. The natural and beautifully fragrant botanicals enter the skin and become a part of your very own body’s fragrant aura.

Apply and reapply whenever needed and desired.



“Perfume is like cocktails without the hangover, like chocolate without the calories, like an affair without tears, like a vacation from which you never have to come back.”

                                                                                                   – Marian Bendeth 

Some of Lasacra’s special and precious ingredients:

The gorgeously fragrant flowers of the red Champa, coming from the Champaka tree, in the family of the Magnolia, is known by botanists to be the most ancient flowering plant on earth having existed since 95 million years!
Sacred in India, the flower is used in traditional ceremonies and in places of religious worship. Besides it’s deep, rich aroma this is owing to it’s calming effect on the mind.
It takes thousands and thousands of petals to produce a single kilogram of the flower oil (absolute) and it is used in a few of the world’s most expensive perfumes.
Tibetans believe that the Buddha of the next era will find enlightenment under the flower canopy of the Champaca tree.
Champa eases inhibitions and stress and transports one to a blissful, relaxed state.
Energetically it balances the heart meridian and opens the flow through the heart and pericardium, while emotionally expanding consciousness in the heart.

Rose has been used for thousands of years to create perfume and as a healing aromatic. It balances the human energy centers and has a strong affinity for the heart chakra. It enhances a sense of wellbeing and offers protection and healing on a psychic level.

Considered a holy tree, Juniper is used for sacred ceremonial purposes and traditionally for offerings in Tibet and Nepal. Berries, twigs and wood are all used and the fresh, distinct aroma of the juniper berry and the intelligence of the tree spirit energetically help us activate memory and help one facing fears and resistance. Juniper evokes feelings of love, health and peace.

Frankincense sacra essential oil is distilled from resin of Frankincense or the Olibanum tree. This is the highest prized frankincense sap from ancient trees growing only in the Dhofar region south of Oman. While all frankincense is sacred, Frankincense sacra comes from groves with a five thousand year old history and is considered more precious and more spiritually significant than any other.
Frankincense is wonderful for protection and for cleansing of the energetic field. It is also purifying and grounding. It is said to enhance the separation between ego and spirit, giving way for the release of the ego and for the spirit to be more full-bodied.

The oil of Indian Sandalwood is a rare gift from the plant world. Being one of the most important ingredients in ancient perfumes, it has been regarded as a sacred oil, incense and perfume for many generations. Known as the Great receiver, it enhances receptivity on every level.
It is emotionally uplifting and relieves obsessive thinking, nervous tension and quiets the mind. It enhances dreams, visions, meditation and altered states of consciousness.
Energetically the essential oil of this very precious tree links the crown and root energy centers of the human energy field.

Mythical Myrrh essential oil is one of the ancient biblical oils of the holy land, valued as gold and frankincense. Used as a temple offering in ancient times as well as for embalmment of the dead, Myrrh is known to enhance meditation and prayer.
The old Hebrews would mix myrrh in their wine and drink to raise their state of consciousness before taking part in religious rituals. The same mixture is said to have been given to criminals a few hours before execution to ease their mental suffering.
The true and superior myrrh is cultivated in the Arab countries, and we have been so fortunate to lay our hands on some rare, sticky, gooey and divinely smelling oil distilled from the oleoresin of the sacred bush from Yemen.

Spikenard is another mysterious and healing plant, comprised of thousands of years of restorative power, spiritual inspiration and plant potency.
The holy oil is used as an anointing oil, as incense and perfume. It calms restlessness and helps one find emotional and spiritual balance, promoting inner connectedness and deep inner peace. It is one of the oldest known natural perfume ingredients still in use today.
Referred to in the ‘Song of Solomon’ the fragrant oil is mentioned in reference to the love between bride and groom, where the presence of the unique aroma was an indication that the very best had been offered.
Spikenard symbolized the very finest and something superior in ancient cultures and a single pint of the valuable oil in Biblical times cost an entire year’s salary for the average worker.
When Mary Magdalene broke her Alabaster jar of Spikenard and bathed Jesus with the oil, she too wanted only the best to define her love for him. It has been speculated that this alabaster jar may have been Mary’s dowry or her inheritance. Meaning, this precious ointment may have been the only real thing of value she had.

Piñon Pine Cone essential oil is a rare and beautiful oil distilled from the soul satisfying seeds of wild American pine cones.
Feeding the mind and the soul, the Piñon Cone essential oil’s power is to kindle communion with the brow chakra and expanse the mind to new levels of creative visions. It’s powerful spiritual aid helps us access that part of us that lives in connection with all of life.
The Piñon Cone essential oil embodies purity and is one of the few pine oils that carries a soft, female energy. So as an additional plus it is helpful in balancing and maintaining female energy when surrounded by a predominantly male environment.

The aroma of Cedar relives stress, anxiety, fear and anger. Traditionally known for it’s calming effects, it also promotes spiritual growth and awareness, increasing mental focus and supports stability for the emotional body. It is uplifting to the spirit and opens connection to an expanded state of consciousness. 

The oil of the herb Clary Sage, has a mild intoxicating aroma that stimulates happiness and well being. It can help with depression, anxiety and paranoia and has an affinity for the abdominal and pineal gland energy centers. Dubbed the “sacred herb” (erba sacra) by the Romans, the etymology of the botanical name of Clary Sage comes from the Latin salvaro which means ‘save’ and clarus, which means ‘clear’ or ‘clarify’. And as the Provencal saying goes, “He who has sage in his garden needs no doctor.” Clary Sage was widely cultivated in the botanical gardens of the monasteries and has been used in both official Greek medicine in Europe and the unofficial, unwritten tradition of European wise women practitioners.Viewed as a treasure of the gods, according to the Rhisis, the great Indian sages, the scent of Clary Sage had the power to guide one to divine illumination.

Holy basil, also known as Tulsi, the ‘Queen of Herbs’, is worshipped and loved throughout Hindu cultures. Tulsi, meaning ‘the incomparable one’, is thought to embody a purifying radiance that refines body, mind and spirit. Used extensively in Ayurvedic medicine it boost vitality and is considered perfectly purifying, balancing and harmonizing.

Lemon Petitgrain from Italy is cheerful and sunny. It nourishes an overworked nervous-system, supports nerve generation and reduces deep seated emotions, stress and anxiety. Relieving depression it is emotionally used to work though sadness, grief and loss.

Yuzu is a rather rare citrus fruit native to East Asia that has an exquisite and appealing aroma somewhere between grapefruit and mandarin, but more fine and complex. It has a history of medicinal and culinary use that reaches back over 1200 years and has been used in Japanese culture for centuries for it’s therapeutic properties and zesty, invigorating and uplifting fragrance. Yutzu fruit is representing new beginnings and vibrant health. It strengthens the mind and brings forth clarity and focus. And energetically it clears psychic and energetic interference and is especially good during times of worry and tension.

And last, the sensual, mysterious and intensely floral Jasmine. 
This very elegant flower is said to have originated in the foothills of the Himalayas, which is considered sacred ground in India. The blossoms, known for their transfixing and narcotic fragrance are used for their medicinal properties, but also hold religious importance and play a significant role in rituals in Hinduism. In the Indian tradition, fresh Jasmine flowers are used in making ornamental wreaths for hair and garlands as religious offerings to Hindu gods and goddesses as the white petals are symbolic for purity – ritual cleanliness and innocence both of the deities themselves and symbolizing purity and forgiveness for the worshipper. The flower is though to assist one’s efforts towards spiritual purification and an oil of the true Jasmine blossoms is trusted to open the heart chakra that is responsible for love for self and for others. 
Besides the many therapeutic properties used for centuries in in Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine – from cancer, eye remedies, skincare to supporting female problems and hormonal imbalances etc – Jasmine Grandiflorum acts as one among the best natural remedies for treating depression and other emotional difficulties. The joyful and enchanting Jasmine is also considered an aphrodisiac and is used in love potions as well as being helpful in enhancing self confidence and defeating pessimism. Modern research has found that Jasmine promotes beta rhythms in the brain, those associated with mental alertness and the divine energy manifested within the aroma can both energize and tranquilize and seduce us into states of heightened spiritual awareness. Divinely Jasmine gives wings to our prayers and helps us connect with our purest intentions and highest aspirations.