Body Oil

Grounding, nurturing and fortifying immune support

A ‘green’ luscious medicinal oil for for the whole body carrying the mediaeval visionary mystic Hildegard of Bingen’s name for ‘greening power’ – Viriditas.
Viriditas, a term for natural power and energy giving life to all things, is thickening every leaf and brimming in every flower. Emanating from the warm power of the sun it infuses all life on Earth and animates humans and animals.
Viriditas is also the vitality which lies at the root of health – the potent, fertile power of our life force and wellspring of our creativity.  
Made as a tonic to nourish our viriditas, Viriditas body oil is combining some of the Earth’s most potent plant allies to support overall health. Green herbs, mighty conifer trees, warming spices, exotic resins, tart and invigorating citrus fruits give their power and beautiful aromas to assist us when we are in need of some extra protection and special care. Delicately and deliciously fragranced, Viriditas is both warm and deep, fruity and fresh.

Wintertime, as well as transiting from one season to another can be a challenge to our bodies as weather and temperatures change, and this is the perfect time to give ourselves a gentle yet generous supportive boost. 
With the colder days and longer nights the dark wintertide can be hard and taxing on our organ systems thus making us weaker and more susceptible for cold and flues.
Plants with a strong and natural affinity for the immune system such as Echinacea (Purple Coneflower), Greenland moss, Siberian Fir, Black Spruce and zesty Japanese Yuzu are some of nature’s most impressive medicinals incorporated into the blend of this body oil. Viriditas skin soothing and lovely calming body oil is simply brimming with nature’s green goodness that will help protect, support and fortify our immune systems, as well as help detoxify our bodies throughout the physically hardest time of the year.

As an inspiration for this sublime skin and body treatment oil, as mentioned above, lies the green holistic concept of the illuminative female prophetic abbess Hildegard von Bingen. 
An extensive investigation on Hildegard’s teachings and musing on this fascinating herbalist can be read in an article on the website’s ‘news pamphlet’ Gazzetta.

Star ingredients in Viriditas Body Oil: 

One of the first aromatic notes that will catch your nose when applying the oil will be the bright, slightly tart and lively aromatic YUZU, a particular citrus fruit from the Orient. In Japanese tradition, dating back to the early 17 hundreds, whole Yuzu fruits are used in ceremonial thermal baths for their uplifting and invigorating health benefits during the wintertime and celebrating the winter solstice. The fruit is known as a general tonic warding off colds and flues, easing aches, relieving stress and calming frazzled nerves meanwhile treating cellulite problems and leaving the skin radiant.

For millennia Frankincense (from the Old French ‘franc encens’ meaning pure incense) has been collected and used as a perfume and panacea. 


In Viriditas body oil we have incorporated a superior quality grade of the rare and unique GREEN HOJARI FRANKINCENSE oleoresin from Oman which bursts with scented hints of mint and citrus. The sacred resin has been used in rituals since the time of the ancient Egyptians and has a variety of health and spiritual benefits. It is also known for cleansing the soul. Traditionally used in the treatment of rheumatism, pain and inflammation, clinical tests are now also showing the plant-resin to be ani-cancerous, and that green Frankincense can destroy cancer cells without harming healthy cells.*

From the northern tundra there is an extraordinary medicinal herb that carries a great spiritual presence, one of comfort and support. GREENLAND MOSS, also called Labrador tea, is an indigenous evergreen shrub with delicate white flowers native to the arctic regions spanning from Greenland to Alaska and Canada. Its medicine is impressive, powerful and diverse and it works as an overall immunity booster and healer.

The plant has been used by Native Americans as an herbal remedy for generations and it is a rare and unique therapeutic gem containing medicinal properties for ailing internal organs. It is perhaps best known for generating liver cells and for being a liver cleanser. Furthermore it address’ kidney problems, regulates the thyroid gland and supports its function. The plant also has anti inflammatory properties and is high in antioxidants. It is excellent for soothing dry, itchy skin and to preserve elasticity. It is also good for sleep disorders and to overcome insomnia as well as dissolving energy blockages.

The berry of Schizandra owns its name (Wu Wei Zi) to the unusual fact that it has all the five flavours – sweet, sour, salty, bitter and pungent. It is the fruit of a climbing vine native to northeast China and parts of Russia known for its superior medicinal benefits. 
Schizandra chenisis has been used a traditional remedy for a variety of ailments and for prolonging life, retarding the ageing process, increasing energy, improving mental function and memory, help maintain sexual energy on functions for both men and woman and as a skin beautifier for millennia.
Siberian hunting tribes consumed the berries to help their bodies function in the harsh climate conditions, and human studies have proved it’s extracts to improve performance among athletes. As a potent adaptogen tonic it decreases fatigue, reduces stress levels and promote endurance. 
Chinese folklore tells that this well loved bright red berry can ‘calm the heart and quiet the spirit’.

And it was cherished by Chinese royalty for its beauty and qualities to enhance and preserve a youthful appearance. Used topically as a police it can treat skin ulcers and its oil is wonderful for skin in general as it protects against environmental stressors, toxins and overexposure to extreme weather. It is packed with antioxidants and key vitamins and has qualities that enable the skin to hold in moisture and ‘fullness’ and it helps build the immune defence energy flowing beneath the skin.

And then there are the mighty and beautiful scented conifers BLACK SPRUCE and SIBERIAN FIR. They are both anti-inflammatory as well as anti bacterial, anti viral and antiseptic. An oil derived from the needles of these trees is relaxing and balancing and is also a good remedy for respiratory conditions and bronchitis among other things. 

JOJOBA, technically not being an oil at all, is a liquid ester derived from the seeds of a strong desert shrub. It is extremely good as an outer protection of the skin, as it is similar to our own skin’s natural sebum. It seals moisture and creates an effective barrier to the elements. Jojoba is incredibly rich and silky and effortlessly absorbs into the skin. Amongst many of its benefits it also has anti inflammatory properties and can help reduce the appearance of scars, stretch marks and regenerate new skin cells. 


The majestic African BAOBAB tree, also called The tree of life, is a remarkable spices, because of its enormous size and lifespan which can be up to at least 2,500 years!
It produces one of the most nutrient dense fruits in the world which also has one of the highest levels of antioxidants. And antioxidants are important for skin health.
The oil obtained from the seeds of the fruit is rich in vitamins A, D and E. It is a non greasy oil that softens dry skin and is highly penetrating and deeply nourishing.


Viriditas is an excellent massage oil both for special occasions and for everyday use after shower or bath as a seasonal support. It can also be applied and used as a chest rub. Or rubbed under the soles of the feet. The beautiful and delicately herbaceous scent is suitable for both sexes, but due to the Greenland moss incorporated, it is not advised for children under 2 years of age, or if pregnant or breastfeeding.                                                    

“In summary, Echinacea [Purple Coneflower] is an excellent remedy for exhausted, prostrated, tired people who have been run down by too much work or study. I call it the ‘farmers remedy’, because it is indicated for people who just can’t take a rest, have to work hard, through a season, and then fall sick, prostrated, when they get a little vacation.”

                   – Matthew Wood, ‘The book of Herbal wisdom: Using Plants as medicine’.

The body is an amazing framework of interwoven processes. In fact, we are a system of systems! And one of these system-structures is the immune system – an amazingly intricate and complicated operation made up of billions of cells and molecules spread throughout the body. It is named the immune system and put in a category of its own, but the fact is that it depends on several other organ systems in the body to function properly. Major co-players are the lymphatic system, which is about drainage and clean up, and the endocrine system that releases hormones which control and coordinate a range of bodily functions. Other big contributors are the nervous system, the gut, the heart, kidneys, lungs and skin.
The skin is the largest organ of the body and functions as the necessary interface between the internal and external environment. It is an immunologic organ and a physical fortification to outside materials and organisms and works as a vital barrier in the front line against infection.
Its unique role and function is a direct result of its structure and makeup and it is the home to billions of cells with various functional roles – cells which are in constant dialogue with microorganisms living on and in us. When it comes to immune defence, some skin cells can make proteins that block viral infections and others interact with pathogens that have managed to slip through the outer layer of the skin, creating an important immune response.
So the immune defence in the skin-landscape is of high priority to maintain good health. 

Every day our bodies are exposed to countless toxins and stressors that can put a strain on our immune system. And if the immune system becomes compromised, it can lead to illness and other serious health issues. 

In Chinese medicine, different elements and weather patterns are dominant in different seasons. Like rain of the spring, heat of the summer, wind of the autumn and cold of the winter. 
Winter is considered the peak time of the Yin energy and it is represented by the element of water.
Winter is the dormant season when all life burrows deep within the bosom of the Earth. It is the hibernating time replenishing the wellspring of life. And when spring comes, the gathered energy will burst forth with new growth. Wintertime governs the water element, with the associated bodily organs kidneys and adrenal glands and the bladder as partner organ.
Also called the ‘root of life’ the twin, bean shaped organs located at the back of the body on either side of the spine store Essence (Jing), something needed by the entire body and all organs to thrive. Being the powerhouse of the body, the kidneys help supply reserve energy to any other organ running low on Chi, our vital life force energy. Another positive aspect of the Kidney energy is our will power and drive.
The kidneys are powerful chemical factories that are involved in several vital body processes. They regulate the amount of fluid in the body, eliminate waste products and help balance electrolytes as well as maintaining the right PH of the body. They produce hormones that affect the function of other organs, they help regulate blood pressure, the fertility and sex organs, bones, teeth, hair and hearing. All in all they produce a life sustaining job and they are extremely important to our health. And the winter is the time to take extra good care of them, since this season is particularly demanding on the kidney essence.
During the winter’s longest, darkest and often coldest nights we may look for something warm to bring some fire into the water. Lighting candles and gazing into the flames of hearth fires naturally produce warmth and reflection with the radiance of the fire renewing our own inner flames. Brewing herbal potions at this time serve to brighten our internal fire, nurturing and comforting us. Warm soups, baths and herbal teas also do us good during the wintery months. The berries and flowers of elderberries are packed with vitamins and antioxidants helping to boost our immune defence and prevent and ease cold and flue symptoms. A delicious warm toddy can be made from a syrup of the deep purple berries. Drinking warm or tepid water also helps move the vital Chi (energy) of the body faster and more efficient than cold water.

Meditation and yoga, energy work such as Qi gong or tai ch’i will help tone and enhance the water element and aid healing to our kidney energy. And make sure to keep the lover part of the back warm, the lumbar spine area where the kidneys reside, as this will help keeping a healthy immune system during the winter and change of seasons.
Apart from eating a healthy diet, there are also various foods that can aid in supporting kidney energy. Grains like barley and black rice, black beans, black sesame seeds, chestnuts and walnuts. Blueberries, blackberries and raspberries. Green leafy vegetables like spinach, kale and parsley. And beets and ginger! Also some Chinese tonic foods and adaptogens like He Shou Wu, Reishi and Cordyseps mushrooms and Schizandra berries are very good.

So there are several things that can be done to boost our immunity. Exercise, quality sleep, keeping hydrated, topping up on beneficial vitamins and minerals, supplementing with vitamin D3, getting enough fresh air and time spent in nature, detox and reducing our toxin load are all things that will have big impact on your immune system. But there is even more we can do – keeping our skin healthy and happy by incorporating a high quality body oil to our daily regimen.

Plant oils have been utilised for a variety of purposes throughout history for their therapeutic benefits. And topically applied, a good natural plant based oil can support the structure, integrity and matrix of the skin.


Viriditas warm and delicately fragranced body oil is an exquisite blend of extraordinary plant allies that can aid in fighting off a wide range of pathogens. It can help stimulate and regulate the immune system and has an immune restorative effect.
The beautiful green-herbal scented vitalising aroma will invigorate the mind and energise the spirit, something that can help promote emotional clearance and self renewal. Viriditas can tone the nervous system and help overcome both mental and physical fatigue, improve circulation, ground and restore flow and balance, meanwhile moisturise and soften skin.
For its full effects, best used ‘as a tonic’ on a daily basis for longer periods of time.