An irresistible heart opener
of the most precious kind


A unique aroma of a rare species of rose shimmering above grounding Indian earth, aged Sandalwood, Agarwood and precious Ambergris. 
This most intriguing Attar is honeyed, rosaceous and musky, with hints of warm fruity apricots and balsamic floral notes.

It immediately invites inner peace and spiritual purity as it works on both the mental and emotional levels. 
An unparalleled, atypical and mesmerising rose fragrance that is equally beautiful on men as women. 

An old Kuppi, leather bottle made from camel skin, used to store Attars.

An Attar is a unique perfume oil derived from botanical sources that has been used for thousands of years for worship and meditation within some of the world’s most ancient religions. 

The name Attar, also known as ittar, originates from the ancient Persian word attar or otto which means perfume or scent. Relatively new to the western world, though being one of the oldest known perfume combinations in the world, this particular type of fragrance has been produced, enjoyed and used in the entire eastern world for thousands of years where it is steeped in both culture and history. 

Originally the attars were made by infusing botanical material in a neutral base oil and then ageing the result for up to ten years. The maturity would improve the depth and aromatic quality of the perfume, just like we know how great wines will age today.
In India, the traditional way of making a classical attar is though by distilling one or multiple aromatic plants, into a base of Sandalwood oil. Often Rose or temple flowers are used, which beauty captures the essence of ancient spiritual wisdom and timelessness.
A good attar oil is by the very nature expensive, as the ingredients used are some of the most precious and costly in the world. And also the distillation process is labor intensive and will take place over low heat that can last for several days.

Recognized for their therapeutically and spiritual effects, attars have been used to enhance meditation and spiritual growth. The olfactory part of the brain bypasses the thinking mind, and wearing a natural perfume can help staying focused and assisting in creating blissful states. The connection between flora and the spiritual realm is a potent one, and the right flowers can help bridge divine connectedness.

Besides wearing an attar as a physical expression and beautification, attars have traditionally also been used on various energy points on the body.
Since the rose is known for its affinity with the heart and its very high vibrating frequency, it instinctively calls for being applied close to the heart, and also on the ulnar artery, the main blood vessel on the wrist of the hands. Personally, I also apply a tiny bit of Indian Rose Attar on my third eye, the energy centre on the forehead between the eyebrows.

Before the monsoons arrive in India, the earth has baked in the sun for a long time, which has dried it up completely. The monsoon represents one of the most sacred events for the people living there, and the rich earthy scent arising when the first rain falls on the dry, parched soil marks this celebration.
An attar known as Mitti Attar, made by distilling special dried earth collected from the Ganges river into a premium quality sandalwood receiver, captures the sacred fragrance of the Earth. It is as mesmerising as it is grounding and this very special aroma is incorporated in Alabastra’s beautiful Indian Rose Attar, together with a rare and gorgeously aged Sandalwood oil of superior quality. 

But the leading lady in our Attar perfume is of course ‘the regal queen of flowers’ the rose. But not any rose, oh no this is the rare, unique and complex rosa bourboniana from south India.
A rose out of the ordinary, she is as enchanting as she is dear.

Born in the South Indian ocean, the bourbon Rose, or Rose Edward as it is also called, literary rose to its history on the island Íle de Bourbon in the early 1800s when the English held the island (both now and earlier called Réunion). The rose originated as a natural result of a hybridisation between two native hedgerows and resulted in one of the most fragrant and intoxicating flowers in all of rose kingdom.
Her floret-nectar acts on the nervous system and elevates consciousness, opens the heart and calms the mind. The oil of her precious petals is infused in exquisite and aged Sandalwood, treasured Agarwood, unique and hard to obtain Ambergris and baked earth (Mitti Attar) which possess aromas reminiscent of an earthy, poetic and spirited past.
Soft, creamy and dreamy, this very elegant and sensual Indian Rose Attar is a beautifying fragrance with extraordinary and uncommon botanical oils of the highest quality – organic and ethically harvested. 

The perfume oil is housed in a small violet glass bottle with roller top for easy application, a flacon that will fit into any flower-girl’s handbag, ready to be swiped on desired pulse points – anywhere, anytime. 

In contact with the skin the fragrance of the perfume comes alive as the oil and natural aroma molecules integrate and blend with your own personal scent, creating a unique body perfume – truly yours.
The delicate Indian Rose perfume also combines well with Alabastra’s more general All Over Flower Oil, and is the perfect match should you desire to accentuate an extra ‘flower-power punch’ in a more focused and concentrated way.