All Over Flower Oil

Like a poetic wild flowers meadow, All Over Flower Oil will drape your skin in naturally fragrant blossoms that will delight the senses. Nutritious vegetable oils and botanical essences are serious food for the skin, and this synergy will help protect, moisturise and leave the skin graceful, healthy and supple.

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A bouquet of aromatic and vital beauty in a bottle.

This is an exquisite, light, gentle and sweetly fragrant floral oil that will adorn your whole being.
Vibrant, uplifting, feminine, hydrating and nurturing with favourable oils and flower essences it will relax the nervous system and encourage contentment, gladness, compassion and peace. Vegetable oils of Jojoba, Argan, fractionated Coconut, Raspberry, Sea Buckthorn and Pomegranate transfer nutrients to the skin tissue’s layers, helping maintain elasticity and to retain moisture. It is brilliantly beneficial to skin with its abundance of botanical compounds, nutrients and vitamins as well as natural and powerful antioxidants to repair and protect the skin from the detrimental effects of the environment, ageing and damage caused by UV radiation. 

Our beautiful All Over Flower Oil absorbs quickly into the skin and can be used as a natural perfume oil, hair or body oil, anytime, anywhere….

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Weight 150 g

55ml, 110ml

safety information

Our products contain essential oils and essences that might cause sensitisation or allergic reactions in some sensitive individuals.
For assurance, you may want to perform a patch test before using any of our products.

Our products contain essential oils and essences that might cause sensitisation or allergic reactions in some sensitive individuals.

The botanicals used in our products may not be suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers. The use of essential oils during pregnancy is a controversial topic and is yet to be fully understood – so caution should be made.
Use at ones own discretion and risk.


Jojoba oil*, Argan oil*, Raspberry seed oil*, Coconut oil*, Vanilla bean* infused Jojoba oil*, Sweet Violets** infused Jojoba oil*, Pomegranate oil*, Seabuckthorn oil*, Natural vitamin E, Kelp*, Lavender*, Ylang Ylang*, Palma Rosa*, Carrot seeds*, Cypress**, Thyme linalool*, Elemi*, Wild Chamomile**, Marjoram*, Geranium*, Grapefruit*, German Chamomile*, Rose damascena, Frankincense serrata*, Zdravetz*, Orris root*, Cardamom*, Bergamot FCF, Bergamot*, Vanilla*, Neroli*, Jasmine grandiflorum*, Jasmine sambac*, Sandalwood*, Blue Cypress**, Nerolina**, Black Cumin seeds*

* = Organic, ** = Wild crafted

6 reviews for All Over Flower Oil

  1. Kaia

    The All Over Flower Oil is my essential oil for my morning ritual as it leaves my skin feeling moisturised and healthy. What I especially love about this one is that it seems to protect my skin during the day in all sorts of weather and the fragrance is so calming and poetic! After using this one I no longer use creams as I simply don´t find the nurturing effect to be as effective as with this one. This should be a basic in every one´s collection of products!!

  2. Marianne Fisher

    I am crazy about this oil! I can’t get enough of it and I use it all of the time. A little bit here, a little bit there. I love to use it on my hands when I am sitting and watching tv. And I say “mmmmmmmm”. It makes me relax more.
    I am also mixing it with almond oil without smell that I have and using on my face. The smell of it is so lovely and calming.
    It’s like a vitamin. (I’m not eating it of course. But I wish I could)
    It supports me and it makes me feel I am carrying a little of summer with me, even now in the winter!

  3. Liv Vogt

    Every night, before going to bed I clean my face, make my face yoga and massage, brush my hair, brush my teeth….
    Some nights I’m so tired that my “going to bed ritual” feels like climbing a mountain!

    As soon as I pour All Over Flower Oil in my palms, put it to my face and sense the scent I let go of the “mountain climbing“ that is replaced by feeling light

  4. Liv Vogt

  5. Annie von der Heide (verified owner)

    Close your eyes, smell it, put a bit in your hands and then caress your body and face with this oil. It’s like being in the middle of a flower meadow. Now this smell…Now this….Now another…and then they somehow mingle and harmonize and become one. This rich oil has become such an important and delightful part of my daily rituals. Like with all the other beautiful products from Alabastra, it replaces what I used before. The pureness of the products are unsurpassed. The ointments, pomades, serums and creme perfumes really stand out as something so extraordinary. They smell divine, they glide on and the love and care with which they have been made is felt – each and every time you open a jar or pour some drops.
    In these extremely trying times – how wonderful to have this beauty as part of my daily rituals/routines.

  6. Erika K

    I never used to want to use oil on my body. I really liked cream. I used mainly Weleda creams for my dry skin. Since Alabastra-botanics launched their products, I slowly made my way by first testing, using occasionaly. Now it is my morning ritual. I don’t know what I was doing all these years!! Truly. I can sense the love that went in the making. I feel it go on my body and then into my skin each morning. It makes me happy. I love the scent of this one too. And it just feels good. I wouldn’t go back for gold and I am so grateful A-B exists! Thank you Alabastra-Botanics, you are a blessing ✨

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