Essential Lavender Oil

A mild and delicately fragranced ‘basic all around’ oil that nurtures and moisturises the skin while calming the mind and lightening the spirit.
Made from the most beautiful high quality Lavandula angustifoglia flowers growing in various places and conditions, including high altitude wild hand collected blossoms in the French mountains.
This sweetly aromatic, slightly fruity yet fresh little lavender gem will soothe your senses as well as your skin.  


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Essential Lavender Oil is a delicately scented oil suitable for ‘all occasions’ with a soft and lightweight feel that sinks effortlessly into the skin. It is intended to be a primary and fundamental base oil that can be enjoyed for its simple beauty and function on its own, or it can be blended with other more complex and rich oils and serums from Alabastra botanics.
It pairs for example beautifully with All Over Flower Oil if you wish to extend that particular oil or just want a somewhat lighter version of it.

As the name indicates, the oil is created as a dedication to the versatile and beloved Lavender. A herb which sweet and fresh scent caresses the senses. Lavender helps us process life’s ups and downs and is calming and soothing to the nervous system. It is like a ‘Swiss army knife’ in the botanical toolkit as the herb has so many medicinal properties. It is tranquillising and consoling to the body and mind and has many powerful, yet gentle actions when it comes to the skin. The flowering tops of this medicinal plant are antibacterial and work as a skin cell generator that help cuts, scrapes and burns heal quickly.

Our Essential Lavender Oil is made out of handcrafted Lavender flowers macerated in Jojoba for several weeks. An infusion process taking place in the heat of the summer-sun where the healing properties of the plant are being extracted into the liquid medium.
Additionally we have added other flower extracts from various types of the Lavandula angustafoglia species as well, growing in different parts of France and Italy.

Jojoba is a nourishing wax that looks and feels like an oil, but that absorbs faster and is very similar to our own skin’s sebum. In addition we have added a little Moroccan Argan and Japanese Camellia seed oil for some extra nourishment and ‘juice’.
Miss Lavender is the prima ballerina on the stage here, but she is supported by other flowers and herbs as well such as Rose, Chamomile, Rose Geranium, Sweet Thyme, Yarrow and the rather rare and somewhat mysterious Zdravetz…
Zdravetz grows in rocky terrain high in the mountains of Bulgaria and has long been a symbol of vigorous health, youth and prosperity in the Bulgarian folklore. In fact, the wonderful name given this plant, Zdravetz (from its roots), means “bringer of health”.
Perhaps then needless to say it has many virtues when it comes to healing abilities.
It has grounding, balancing and calming attributes and is a strong antiviral. When it comes to skincare benefits it is known to have a natural lightning effect on skin imbalances such as pigmentation, sun spots and blemishes. All in all it works as a skin protector with toning, stimulating and hydrating properties and is said to be good for wrinkles.

Alabastra’s Essential Lavender Oil is a perfect companion for the summertime due to the lightweight yet moisturising formula and it is also excellent after sunbathing.
It is suitable for most skin types, also combination skin due to it’s light and relatively dry consistency.
The oil can be used as a body and face treatment, but is also good for the hair.
Other ways of enjoying the bountiful benefits of this lavender beauty can be as a facial cleanser, shaving lotion or aftershave.
It is not too overly sweet and is equally suitable for both men and women. 


Additional information

Safety information

Our products contain essential oils and essences that might cause sensitisation or allergic reactions in some sensitive individuals.
For assurance, you may want to perform a patch test before using any of our products.

The botanicals used in our products may not be suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers. The use of essential oils during pregnancy is a controversial topic and is yet to be fully understood – so caution should be made.
Use at ones own discretion and risk.


Jojoba*, Argan*, Camellia seed oil*, Lavender****, Squalene (from olive fruit)*, Natural botanical vitamin E*, Chamomile*, Geranium*, Rose de Mai extract*, Sandalwood*, Rose otto*, Neroli*, Orris root*, Zdravetz*, Hay*, Sweet Thyme* and Yarrow*

* Organic
** Wild grown
**** Both organically and wild growing plants

1 review for Essential Lavender Oil

  1. Erika K

    Ooooouuhhhh… this one is precious! I am a huge fan of lavender because of its soothing high vibe qualities, so I often have drops in water to spread through the room. When I travel I like to carry a small bottle of essential oil with me, just to snif. It’s incredible the effect of sent has on me…
    So when this oil came out I was really exited!! I was a little nervous the first time. For some reason I had in mind that it would sting (?). Maybe because of other essential oils sometimes being sharp. But this is totally not the case. It feels GOOD! It’s the most soothing, refreshing, calming, inspiring oil you could possibly think of. I love to use it on my feet especially and legs, and also around my chest and shoulders. Wow… it feels magical to me ✨✨✨
    I hope this one will remain available for a long time. I absolutely love it!

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