Indian Rose Attar

Liquid gold of the most exquisite, rare and beautiful organic Indian rose (Rosa bourgoniana) bathing in a melange of aged Sandalwood, Mitti attar, Agarwood and exceptional Ambergris.
This is as good as it gets when some of the worlds most outstanding and sought after aromatic botanical oils are combined to create the finest perfumed expression.
This aromatic treasure is a limited edition.

Available in two sizes and housed in a small, elegant violet glass flacon with a roller top for easy application.



DKK 720


An Attar is a unique, highly concentrated perfume oil of botanical origin that basically means ‘the spirit of the plant’.
Being relatively new to the western world, historically it has been used for human spiritual endeavours and therapeutically in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years.
Most often it contains the sacred plants Sandalwood or Agarwood (Oud) with other types of aromatic botanicals like sensuous altar flowers. 


Throughout history an attar has always been used as a primary ingredient in formulating different medicines. And a rose attar is known to work directly on the heart. A universal symbol of love, passion and seduction, the rose is also a sacramental bloom with therapeutic qualities.
The woods used in our Attar are known to calm and focus the mind, balancing emotions, instilling deep inner peace and increasing awareness.

The perfume of the Indian Rosa bourgoniana is one of old rose – deep, warm, velvety and vibrant. Slightly green with hints of dewy musk and fruit notes like raspberry and apricot.
She is sultry, mysterious and gorgeous and stands out different to the other classical roses we are more familiar with. In general she is less feminine and ‘pinky sweet’, but still deeply sensuous and romantic in her old-rose way. She can swoon you with delight and carry you off to a time past and far away. 

Alabastra botanics’ Indian Rose Attar with this rare and unique variety of Rose Bourbon is equally suited to be worn by men as women. Interestingly, Rose oil has traditionally been considered a masculine scent in the Persian Golf region and during the Roman Empire men loved wearing Rose. It is only later we have associated the scent of this beautiful flower to suit the feminine spices only and given it a certain coquettish reputation.
But this is now changing.
As perfumer Geza Schoen tells us:
“When we think of roses, we need to consider the origin of the flower. The rose in times past was a symbol of power, and so of the traditional idea of man. History repeats itself, and the rose is the man’s flower once again.”

Besides, a man’s skin smells very different to a woman’s. It is more earthy and not as soft, and it will transform any natural perfume to smell more masculine. Whereas an identical botanical natural fragrance on a woman’s skin will smell more feminine.


Our Indian Rose Attar is housed in a small violet glass bottle with a roller top for easy and clean application.  Swipe over pulse points or other desired area.
Historically an attar is applied routinely throughout the day, fusing with the wearer though the permeable skin – becoming part of the person.

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Weight 50 g

3 reviews for Indian Rose Attar

  1. Victoria

    Jeg er i himmelen når jeg dufter til den, og vil købe den igen og igen

  2. annie von der heide (verified owner)

    Stop Be still And make time to smell the roses. More important than ever.
    Indian Rose is my pick of Rosechoice. Made with the finest ingredients. I carry it with me during the day. And when I glide this velvety, gentle reminder that smells so divine on my wrist I am immediately carried back to this NOW – and then everything calms. It is rich, it is sensual, and to me it has become essential.

  3. Erika K

    This one is magic to me!!! I feel enveloped by the most delicious sent of roses…. ✨✨ it makes me feel wonderful. It makes me feel loved. It feels to me like love is pooring out of my poors in all directions, when I wear this.
    It’s the only perfume I wear these days.
    For a long time now I haven’t liked these chemical perfumes. I feel more grossed out that attractive when I put one on. I try and try… but it’s just not for me. So for years I didn’t wear any perfume. Until THIS came out!! Thank you so much Alabastra-Botanics for creating something so delicious, so precious! It really feels like wearing LOVE…

    What I love so much about your products, is that it not only smells nice, it especially FEELS GOOD.

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