Nocturne Balm

Nocturne Balm is a composition of inviting and seductive ‘dreamy evening herbs’ as aid and support for a good night’s sleep.



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DKK 270


Sound and peaceful sleep is unfortunately not for everyone. But our beautifully fragranced night-balm might just lull you into sweet slumber… With calmative and tranquillising botanicals our Nocturne Balm will help calm the nervous system and seduce you into a relaxed state of mind.

Use before bedtime and also during night if needed.

Open the little jar and inhale deeply a few times. Then take a small amount of the balm and rub lightly onto pulse points on the wrists, temples and your chest if desired and possibly also under the nose so the sedative aroma might penetrate more deeply.
The balm is potent and very concentrated, so only tiny amounts are needed.

Sweet dreams!

Additional information

Weight 90 g

7 ml.

Safety information

Our products contain essential oils and essences that might cause sensitisation or allergic reactions in some sensitive individuals.
For assurance, you may want to perform a patch test before using any of our products.

The botanicals used in our products may not be suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers. The use of essential oils during pregnancy is a controversial topic and is yet to be fully understood – so caution should be made.

Use at ones own discretion andrisk.