Organic Hand Sanitiser

Hand care.
Antiviral and antibacterial botanical herbs in 76% organic distilled alcohol.
Quite different than your normal ‘antiback’ – this is a gentler and ‘kinder’ sort for your skin and hands that even smells nice.
Bottled in dark Miron glass spray bottles, or as a refill option stored in recycled plastic bottles.

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In this strange time and age we find ourselves in, Alabastra botanics would like to offer a more healthy and sustainability-conscious alternative to the harsh and all too often nasty smelling hand sanitizers out there. 

What we end up putting on our skin is just as important as what we put in our mouths and tummies. And not all hand sanitizers are created equal, as some may contain problematic and even hazardous ingredients – syntehized ethanol from petroleum, synthetic fragrance, artificial color, thickening agents, parabens and other hormone disruptors to name a few.
Our skin is a living ‘breathing’ organism and a part of our immune system that helps keep unwelcome visitors out. And it is of utmost importance what we treat our skin with, as micro particles can enter the body and bloodstream through the tiny ‘breathing’ pores, from say a cream or salve, or a hand sanitizer…

In Alabastra botanics hand sanitizer we have chosen to work with an organic alcohol from a small Danish distillery which is both cleaner, gentler and nicer smelling than the ones one normally finds on the market.
We have added a tiny bit of organic plant based glycerin to help maintain the water balance and moisturize of the skin, together with a beautiful collection of 9 different anti-microbial herbs and skin conditioning botanicals.
Within this synergy you will find Palma Rosa, a type of grass in the Lemongrass family, that not only adds a lovely sweet, light lemony-fresh, rose like scent but also helps quell dry skin. Palma Rosa can also stimulate the sebum and cell production in the skin, helping to heal small scraps and cuts which can be another doorway for unwanted pathogens to enter.
We have also included Bay Laurel, an intelligent aromatic little leaf that is shown to combat the SARS virus, which comes in handy today as the now common corona virus finds itself in the same family. 

This out of the ordinary freshly scented hand sanitiser comes in an elegant dark coloured Miron glass spray bottle and one can choose between two sizes. The smallest one is a perfect ‘on the go’ size to leave in the car or keep in a handbag or a pocket.

Safe hands – with a trustworthy product including quality ingredients – that also smell nice!





Additional information

Weight 50 g

35ml, 110ml, 120ml (refill), 210ml (refill)

safety information

Our products contain essential oils and essences that might cause sensitisation or allergic reactions in some sensitive individuals.
For assurance, you may want to perform a patch test before using any of our products.
Use at ones own discretion and risk.


76% Ethanol*, water, plant used Glycerine* (Palm free), Geranium*, Palma Rosa*, Neroli*, Douglas Fir*, Cedar wood**, Bay Laurel*, Cypress*, Lemon*, Siberian Fir**, Thyme*, Eucalyptus*, Pine*, Frankincense**, Piñon Pine**

* Organic ** Wild harvested

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  1. Erika K

    I have to say that I’m fully for not using hand sanitizers. In the past year and a half I have maybe used it less than 10x. I don’t see the point and it doesn’t do my body good. But there have been circumstances where I was asked to and I didn’t want to refuse. The sanitizers most people offer usually are terrible! Just simply disgusting. I was so happy and relieved I could pull out mine from my handbag and spray a little of that on my hands! Now I never feel uncomfortable if I have to use sanitizer. Very grateful for this

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